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My Story

from the founder

When I became a mom, it was challenging. Not enough people talk about how hard it is, how dramatically your world changes, or how you can lose yourself because you just created an amazing, tiny human.

When the opportunity to start my own boutique presented itself, I jumped on it. Literally-speaking, I jumped up and down. I thought about it for less than 24 hours before I knew signing up with Maverick, The Collection was right for me. It, like motherhood, has been one of the BEST risks I’ll ever take in my life.

Running a business like this means leaving fear and doubt at the door. I’ve proven to myself that I can do ANYTHING that I set my mind to. I’ve overcome hurdles that should have shut down my business and lost countless nights of sleep making this work. 

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I’ve rediscovered parts of myself that I didn’t even know that I’d lost. Wait, I can talk to strangers at an event and not be a nervous wreck? I used to be able to do this?! YUP, I did it all of the time. Although I’m losing some time with my daughter on the weekends while I'm at events and working late at night, I’m giving her an example of a woman who makes dreams a reality. Late nights working on my business won’t last forever, and she’ll grow up seeing that everything that I do is for her. 

where did the name come from?

So why did I name this the Barefoot Blazer? I’m not your typical fashionista. Let’s be real here, I’m not a fashionista at all! I’m a working mom & special education teacher who likes to shop and buy cute clothes. When I receive new inventory, I try to get pictures in everything so that I can show all of you how it fits and be honest about sizing, quality, and versatility. I want the styles that I carry to be worth your hard-earned money.

My sister (she’s an angel) was helping me take pictures one day. My hair wasn’t done, I had almost no makeup on, a giant blemish in the middle of my forehead, and was barefoot. My shoes were in my car, but I was lazy. I said “ehhh I’ll just take the pictures barefoot.” And that’s when inspiration hit. Barefoot in the freezing cold trying to take cute, fashionable pictures. That is so me. I’m not the Instagram influencer or model taking chic photos in the city. I don’t have a different pair of heels for every picture and I didn’t get these clothes for free.

Barefoot represents the real, down to earth, working mom that I am. But, that’s not all that I am. I also love getting dressed up to go out once in a while. That’s where the blazer comes in. (Of course, it’s not always an actual blazer, but you get the picture.)

Aren’t we all both barefoot and blazer? Sweatpants with no makeup on, and then a smokeshow in that new outfit as you hit the town or head to work. I sell clothes that can do it all. That’s what I have for you in The Barefoot Blazer, along with some gorgeous accessories to help you feel fabulous.

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